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Artistic works are fashionable avenues of creatively expressing culture, style, diversity and moods. They are products of human creativity that bring stories to life, and that’s what we are about at Cuisines Fusion Limited; as we celebrate cultures through culinary art.


Our delightful business is to animate expression of unique hospitality, beauty, social diversity, style, class and pomp through savouring delicacies.


The motivating drive for cfl’s business is to creatively blend different cultural and modern recipes in a way that makes food fun. Catering is just a touch of our culinary expression that celebrates the array of world culture through cuisines.



One of cfl’s distinctive style is the rich knowledge in a wide variety of world famous cuisines. Beyond presenting single theme delicacies, we have and continue to innovatively create tantalizing recipes that fuse world renowned cuisines.


Our international exposure has edified our knowledge of world celebrated culinary art. This expertise influences our approach in creatively fusing diverse cuisines.


We have our unique way of celebrating cultures through a culinary exhibition that delights guest, brings new meaning to hosting and most importantly, nourishes the body through healthy, carefully balanced and tasty diets.


So whether a wife wants to surprise her husband with a new recipe at their date night, a corporate firm desires to host stakeholders in a unique cocktail, or a party seeking to display different tastes of diverse cultures, cfl has the solution.



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